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Going Independent

At Axos Advisor Services, supporting independent advisors is our sole purposeworking with RIAs is the only thing we do.

We’re dedicated to helping ensure that your transition to independence is a smooth and successful one.

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Supporting Your Transition

Axos Advisor Services – Supporting Your Transition to Axos

One-to-One Support

I think that our clients are happiest with our one-to-one support model, meaning that they are going to work with the same conversion manager and then client service advocate from day one… direct point of contact, direct email, and they’re always familiar with the person they’re talking to, instead of being put into a random queue.

I think that our clients are happiest with our one-to-one support model, meaning that they are going to work with the same conversion manager and then client service advocate from day one… direct point of contact, direct email, and they’re always familiar with the person they’re talking to, instead of being put into a random queue.

… I’m the main point of contact, their advocate, building relationships with them to build their trust with and confidence with us and moving their clients assets over to our platform as quickly and timely and seamlessly as possible, while also training them on our systems and getting to know them and understanding what their goals are …

… we get great feedback on our support and service. I hear it from different advisors all the time. And one of their favorite things about Axos is the one-to-one relationships they have with our conversion managers and client service advocates.

Dedicated to Your Success

… we get the advisors day one after they sign their contract. And with that comes a welcome call discovery session, and we really get to know their business. … one of the most important things we do is … support them through that transition.

I would say the most important functions are first getting their clients assets over seamlessly…so the client really doesn’t have any kind of concern… if they’re moving from one company to another, as well, providing … in-depth training for the RIA on the platform…

… the biggest things we try to discover are trading methodologies, so frequency, how often they trade, what they like to trade, whether it’s equities, mutual funds, whatever that may be. And another big one is client demographic. It seems like most advisors have a niche where they succeed the most with their clients. So, we really try to find out what that client demographic is, and then cater to them…

…we have initial conversations with the RIA, explain the timeline, the typical timeline, and then get their feedback and really ask them in depth questions. …how are you looking to accomplish this conversion? What timeline are you looking at? What other needs do you have? Is there anything that you need us to know, that we can consider to be able to…accommodate them as much as we can…. … We don’t want anything to be disrupted for them.

Customized Solutions

… every conversion is different. And every advisor is different. And with that, we offer a lot of custom solutions… we try to discover early on whether it’s better to do models, whether it’s better to do trade uploads, whether it’s better to do email versus phone call… we’ll try to customize as much as the advisor needs to make them comfortable coming on board.

… how do they want to send … the paperwork out to their clients? Do they want to contact them first? Do they want us to be involved? We’re definitely available for any kind of interactions that they need, whether it be with their reps that work for the firm, or ….if they want to do a bulk conversion. Basically, we have many different ways to accommodate that.

Enhanced Technology

…I get great feedback on the Liberty platform, specifically with the model processing functions. A lot of times going through that initial training or the initial couple of trainings, you get to where you can balance an entire book of business, and it’s just a few clicks. And a lot of advisors are appreciative of the time they get back in their day from that.

…what we hear from our clients as far as technology that they’re getting from us and not another custodians is, first, the bulk mailings that we can do for their clients to get the conversion process going, and pre-filling data for them as well. As far as the platform goes, the trading capabilities that we have other custodians do not offer. So, we can — they can trade between models that are attached to clients’ accounts, and multiple clients at one time, which really is a huge time saver for them….

…we can make the conversion as easy as possible as far as the paperwork goes, by pre-filling the client data for them. We can upload that into the system, create shell accounts for them, so that they don’t have to worry about going in and creating those. We can create bulk envelopes, digital envelopes, to send out to their clients, so that they don’t have to have a paper mailing.

…We can get a set of data, which my team will go ahead and upload into the system. We can pre-populate all that paperwork and then based on what the advisor preferences are, either send that out via Docusign or send it out to each individual household, just based on the clientele.

…we would be able to pre-fill all that paperwork in the back office so the adviser can spend their time talking with the clients and getting them ready for the upcoming transition while we kind of handle the busy work in the background.

Training For Your Staff

…when we have a new client that comes on board, there’s many different training sessions that will happen. The main training is going to be on the platform itself, on Liberty, and the functionality that’s available on the platform, whether it be from trading to creating their trading models, viewing their clients’ accounts to ensure that they understand what the client is going to see and what their experience will be. All the way from looking at the holdings in the client’s account to the cost basis, to the performance, updating their accounts, taxes, really everything…

….we do the full suite of training…. that includes Liberty, general functionality, that includes all of the trading into the advanced trading, where we’re doing composite models, multiple models at once and balancing an entire book of business, all the way through until that advisor feels 100% comfortable on the platform. As well as any new hires and additional back-office staff they have, we’ll do ad hoc trainings for them as well.

Why Axos Advisor Services?

I think that the service that we support RIAs with is phenomenal. I think every time I talk to a new advisor, that’s definitely one thing that we can always get a gold star on is the service and one-on-one support that we can give to RIAs.

… the service they’ll receive here at Axos Advisor Services is above any kind of customer service that they’ll find with any other custodian. They’ll always have a dedicated client service advocate. Even once they’re out of conversions, they’ll still have that dedicated person that they can contact whenever they need to, whether they have a question on the platform or regarding the client account.

I think our roadmap is extremely exciting. We have a bunch of technology advancements that we’re doing on the Liberty platform, as well as working on integration with Axos clearing and the banking side to make sure that we’re being able to offer the full offering of Axos to all of our clients and to our advisors.

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The Freedom to Thrive

Transitioning to become an independent registered investment advisor is not a journey you have to take alone. The key is having a partner like Axos Advisor Services who can advise you on key business decisions, help you formulate a technology strategy, and support you in meeting your legal and compliance requirements.

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