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One of the keys to growing an RIA business means meeting the unique needs of your clients. For that, you’ll need innovative solutions designed to help you boost client satisfaction and retention while deepening client relationships.

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Supporting Your Business Needs

Strategic Business Consulting

I’m a strategic business consultant. What that means is just working with the clients to make sure our systems are working for them. They’re getting what they need from us, and we’re getting what we need for them.

… what I like to do most is working with my clients… getting to understand what their needs are, how they’re growing their business…

…as a strategic business consultant, our role is to go deeper with the adviser. To really understand their business, what they’re trying to accomplish…

… I’ll really work with them to understand those needs, and see what we can do to get those … issues or problems that they’re having pushed through and resolved for them.

…it’s helping advisors solve complex solutions, outside of the day to day, it’s figuring out how to grow and how to grow in a more efficient and scalable manner. … when you find those wins … it’s rewarding for all, most importantly, the end client, being able to grow with a firm and put their trust in their advisors.

Relationship building is absolutely key to providing support. It is the most important thing, hands down. It’s getting to know them, getting to know their business, getting to know really what will help them, what will make them more efficient, what helps them with their day to day, what helps their underlying employees and their underlying clients.

Helping You Overcome Challenges

… we kind of look and identify what — what technology and needs do they have? And what can we do to help really streamline that process overall for them. So, they may have some technology that they’re using, or maybe they’re not using it to their fullest. … we’ll work with them to understand what those needs are, and then help build any of those connections or work with that outside third-party application that they’re using to really better integrate the technology that they need in order to … manage their business more effectively.

…. I think a lot of times, advisors are very much in their own little world, they are focused on their own clients. And they’re not seeing the broader picture of what is going on within the financial services industry. …. I have conversations with advisors all over the country, and understand different perspectives. What their challenges are, what they’re seeking to accomplish. And I can bring some of that knowledge base to an advisor…

Increase Efficiencies

…. They’re looking for a solution that makes it easier for them to work with their clients and help manage their overall client’s business… What can we do to … help them streamline that business because … they’re looking to become as efficient as they possibly can, so that they can grow their business and not continually have to add overhead.

We’re able to help them enhance their client experience. Bring them a different technology suite that perhaps allows them to save a little bit of time here and there so that they can have more client meetings, meet with more prospects.

…. figure out strategies to help them reduce all not in good order paperwork to ensure that those transfers get sent out, the monies get transferred in. So they get — get their client in the market sooner and get that client onboarded sooner.

… how is their business operating today? And how can we bring what we bring to bear to the firm, to help increase some of those efficiencies? You know, I’ll use an example of billing. I’ve run into a number of different clients … that spend hours upon days, just completing their billing every year. But if we can integrate them into the fee billing engine within Liberty, we’ve all sudden saved them two days, you know, what is your time worth? … if you were to put an hourly rate on yourself, multiply that by however much time we saved you, whether that be eight hours, two days, it becomes significant. And so whether that’s spending more time with their family, or now I can prospect new clients, or meet with my existing clients more, that time is valuable.

Enhanced Technology

… I hear from advisers on a regular basis that they’re able to do things with us that they’re not able to do elsewhere. …you talk to some of the …. hundred plus million dollar firms that are getting inundated probably on a regular basis from some of the other custodians out there. And they tell me that they -- they just don’t have the technology that …. we do in order to manage their business the way they need to.

Our trading technology is really where we provide the most positives…. the trading is so much easier on the Liberty platform. It really is that model level trading that provides the efficiency on Liberty for our clients.

….the Liberty platform provides multi model technology…. they’re able to manage multiple models within a single account. And whether that’s their models, or using third party money managers, you’re able to do that all on a single account, you can’t really do that elsewhere…. as well as performance reporting, and fee billing. And we’re able to do all of that for the advisor. So, they’re not having to use third party applications, or Excel spreadsheets for … their fee billing, all of that is done for them within the application.

… having that true UMA functionality to be able to really customize a client’s investment strategy. And being able to even bring in third party money managers through our MMX platform. … if I’m gonna supplement some of my thinking, I want to pull from some of the best and brightest in the money management world. So that is some functionality that really is hyper efficient for a lot of advisors.

A True Partnership

… We will work with them to understand what their needs are from their perspective. If there’s outside technology they’re using what do they need from our technology? …what can we do to help streamline some of their practices? I … and have conversations not just with the principal of the firm, but the operations staff as well, to understand what they’re doing and where are they seeing issues or pieces within the process that they’re working with us? And what can we do to help eliminate that? Whether it’s creating a separate report, or talking to them about some of the functionality that we’ve released that maybe they didn’t really understand when it was initially released?

… their previous custody experiences have been simply transactional…what we bring to the table is far different. Because this is a true partnership.

… I think, really, it’s extremely important to understand …. their business and their needs. I don’t know that I can help somebody, if I don’t understand their business enough, or what they’re going to need. As each advisor is a little bit different, I can’t come out with a cookie cutter answer to say this is your solution, because it worked for Joe, without understanding what their … needs are.

Why Axos Advisor Services?

…. We’re here to help you, whether you are that $50 million firm or that $5 billion firm. We’re here to work with you to see what we can do to help you grow your business and build your practice.

I would say generally, the thing clients appreciate the most is having an ear… I will listen, and I care, and I will hear what they have to say. And I will do everything I can to help get to a solution that will work for them.

…. what are you experiencing right now from your current custodians? … I can tell you that within the industry, having a dedicated strategic business consultant is rare unless you have multiple billions of dollars …it becomes a very transactional business. For us, ….it starts at the inception of the relationship with a dedicated conversion manager, then correlates into a warm handoff to your client service advocate, who’s your day to day go to service individual. And then you layer on top of that as strategic business consultant to really ferret out some of the issues and figure out how can we solve those things? I can tell you not a lot of custodians out there are providing that level of service and I’m proud to say that Axos does.

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