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Fueling your firm's success

Axos Advisor Services is an RIA custodian that delivers individualized attention, intuitive technology, and knowledgeable consulting support you need to take your business to the next level and beyond.

About Us
Custody Evolved

Custody Evolved

Supporting your success

Axos is our primary custodian, and we love working with Axos. Our staff finds the services, the responsiveness, and the technology, some of the best that we’ve worked with…

The best part is the relationships with Axos. … we work with a few different custodians today. And the boutique, service-oriented culture resonates with our firm. And that’s what we enjoy the most.

…when we talk to people at Axos, they actually know us, it’s a familiar voice on the other end of the phone or on a video chat…. there’s been a lot of consistency with a lot of the people who we’re interacting with. And that’s been very valuable for us to be able to deliver a great experience for our clients.

Unique service model

With Axos, the customer service has been terrific. Our client service representative is very responsive….We have a fairly large staff that talk to her on a daily basis. And she is terrific. She knows our business very well and therefore can really help our service requests.

…The people are fantastic. And when there’s challenges that arise, they get on it, and they work with us to resolve them. So it’s not to say there’s never problems that arise, but when they do, we have someone we can talk to, someone who knows our business, and someone we can work with to get them resolved quickly

I would say the customer service is the …. main reason that we’ve been really loyal among customers of Axos. And the customer service that we receive is different from my perspective in the sense that when we call, we talk to a person, and it’s usually the person who understands our business and understand who we are, and has a relationship with us.

Flexible Technology

… we can do everything that we need in one single platform — creates tremendous efficiency for our operations internally, where we can handle model trading, fee billing, and operations and from one single platform. It’s been transformative to us in terms of scale and efficiency.

….We trade a lot of models, very sophisticated models. We trade frequently, high volume, and we wouldn’t be able to do that kind of trading anyplace else, frankly, because it’s fast. It’s efficient. And … it’s very solid.

…with Liberty…it’s having everything in one place. You log in, you have all your accounts there, you can easily balance your book of business, update your investment models, manage cash distributions, send out reports…

What I like best about the Liberty trading platform is that it’s the most robust trading platform that … we found at the point that we were looking for a custodian. And one of the key benefits that we see with the platform is the ability to do model-based trading, and also the ability to do tax harvesting, and do more intricate trades for some of our clients with more complicated portfolios.

….the modular management offered through the technology is very seamless, very integrated, very easy to use, and allows us to continue to scale and add more accounts with the marginal amount of more work.

I like the fact that they’re …. putting technology together in a way that makes it easier to do business. And technology is there to solve problems. It’s not to make it complicated, it’s to make it better and simplify it.

Facilitating your growth

… I don’t know that we would have been able to grow at the rate we grew if we didn’t have a platform that expedited everything and made it simple for us …. Axos has made it easy for us to focus on what’s most important to us, most important to our clients…

… it allows us to scale and provide the type of portfolio management that we’d like to provide for a broad number of clients in an efficient way.

… the biggest business benefit of working with Axos has been the partnership we share. We value our partners deeply, and we are selective in who we partner with. And then the technology has really been transformative to our operations. We’ve been able to scale up a TAMP and advisory program in ways that were not even imaginable 10 years ago, and it’s been powered by the Liberty technology.

Why Axos Advisor Services?

… it’s probably never been easier to make the move to Axos than it is today… you’re gonna free up so much time, your life is going to be so much better. …it’s so much better than what at least I experienced anywhere else.

… your comments, your concerns, your questions are heard. And they’re escalated. And you often see results and change from what you need for your business. And everyone’s business is different…. your relationships with the advisors, far exceeds what other custodians are offering. And we’ve worked with many custodians, and that’s why we’re with Axos, because that’s where we have the most success.

RIA services to help your firm stay ahead of your evolving needs. We’re not just a custodian. We’re custody, evolved.

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Why choose Axos Advisor Services as your custodian? Because our only focus is helping independent advisors like you optimize your practice to better serve your clients.

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Our goal is to deliver the best experience possible, so you can spend more time focusing on your clients.

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We’ll help you cultivate your relationships to grow your business and achieve the success you want.

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We provide the intuitive tools, platform, and guidance you need to build a thriving practice.

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