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Client Service Team

We’re always here to help. That’s why we not only empower you with cutting-edge technology, but also provide the personalized support to help manage and grow your business.

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Dedicated to Your Success

A unique service model

I feel the service we provide our RIAs is top notch. We pride ourselves in the one-to-one relationship. We pride ourselves in any person within our RIA’s office can reach anybody within the organization. Everybody has a direct phone number for that purpose. It’s not an 800 number where you press one for this and through 10 for this…

… the RIAs know that they’re not getting a different person each time, they’re getting direct contact with the person that they know

I think that the customer service that we provide is amazing. … it’s not going into a voicemail, they’re not having to wait time for somebody to call them back.

I get a lot of feedback from clients about our service. And I would say we are rated a 10 plus. We get lots of feedback about our competitors, where they’re not providing near as good a service as what we’re providing.

An extension of your back office

… we are an extension of the RIA’s back office. And you know, every question is different, every process is different. So, our role is to provide solutions as needed for the RIAs.

… I love when the clients call in. I love helping them. …. I love figuring things out…

Our clients’ biggest concerns are — are availability, making sure that their — their client needs are met. So, they want to make sure that we’re available, that we’re responding in a timely manner, and we get back to — so that they can service their underlying client.

it’s a little bit different for …each IA and we will do whatever we can to accommodate any of their requests.

Customizing our service for you

…when an RIA first joins our organization….they love Liberty, they love the technology, they love what the trading features can do for their business… So they join Axos for the technology, but they actually stay for the service.

… we’re very accommodating, we’ve got great employees who actually want to help. … if they’ve got things that they think are different, if they’ve got different platforms or models that they want to work differently, we can do everything in our power to make sure that they’re getting the best route of action for those….

Efficiency is the name of the game. They get through to our processing teams, instantaneously, work gets turned around very quickly.

Flexible solutions for your needs

We deal with an ever changing environment and we have to adapt to …. the needs of our clients. So as policy or the industry changes, we are very flexible in getting the needs met for our clients.

… Flexibility is about being able to present various options to our RIAs. There’s various options customers can choose as far as their statements go, as far as presentment of information on Liberty, fee calculations — how those calculations can be calculated in the first place and presented on our statements.

Solving challenges for your business

Our clients appreciate our responsiveness and our timeliness We don’t let request sit or fester. We try to get those answers immediately to our clients.

Troubleshooting with our clients is part of a daily task.

… If something comes back as a reject, then we will try to figure out can we take care of this without having to go to the end client.. Sometimes it’s as simple as we need verification that this is a correct banking account, we can find that in the system? We’ll go in the system, and we’ll say, you know, it’s just as simple as typing back yes, and getting that processed.

… Another efficiency we see is if you’ve got a new staff member that has come on board, reach out to us, we’ve got the means where we can help train that particular person on our Liberty platform. We’ve got the resources to do that. And, you know, just schedule some time and we’re happy to provide all the training that’s needed.

Why Axos Advisor Services?

New clients should want to work with us because of our ease of business. It’s easy to onboard, it’s easy to get your client set up in your client management system. It’s easy to use Liberty, where we can process trades, rebalance your models. It’s a very easy introductory process.

RIAs really do appreciate our flexibility, our willingness to work with them, our ability to listen to what they’re saying and actually incorporate their feedback into our processes.

] I would encourage any RIA that if they’re coming on board, you know, let us know — let us know the pain points that you experienced in your — with your prior custodian.

We want to be able to build up from those pain points and make sure that this is something that you know we’ll be on top of, so you don’t have such experiences.

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Service and Support Tailored to You

When you begin working with Axos Advisor Services, you’re assigned a designated team who get to know you and understand your business.

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A Team You Know

We don’t have a call center where you’re routed to the next available agent. That’s why you’ll get your Client Service Team’s direct emails and phone numbers to reach out when you need assistance.

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Your True Advocate

Your Client Service Team regularly meets with you to fully understand your goals, oversee all day-to-day processes, and ensure your requests are completed and issues are resolved as quickly as possible.

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A Trusted Partner

We provide one-on-one training and education sessions, answer trading-related questions, process transactions, and run special reports for you.

Streamlined Conversion

Transferring assets and client accounts to the Axos Advisor Services platform is painless. You get a dedicated conversion team that works directly with you to ensure a smooth transition of your business.

Let’s Talk About What We Can Do For Your Business

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