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Custody Evolved

Overcoming challenges

Karl Frank
President A&I
Financial Services

When we first came over to Axos, we were sure we’re going to one of the big competitors, but it was so complex to figure out how to make that leap. We were with a broker-dealer who did everything. … we had to figure out all this new software that was going to be from those other competitors, and like downloads and uploads and performance reporting. And technology was just overwhelming to us. And when we learned about how Axos could make it faster and easier and incorporate everything, we were just awestruck, and it made it a really simple choice for us to make the move.

Emily Keagle
CEO & Founder
Financial Transparency

…I knew that I didn’t have a lot of resources at that point to … start with a full staff that I was used to working with. I went from having an assistant and an assistant’s assistant and different teams that I led in the previous role that I was in to being a sole practitioner… and I needed to think about operationally, who was going to jump in.

A better solution

Stephen Stull
Storehouse Financial

…my favorite thing about working with Axos is the collaborative culture that Axos has. I don’t think there’s another custodian that I’ve spoken with that has a collaborative culture, meaning collaboration between the people who work for the custodian, and the people who work with the advisors. Axos gives me and my team that and that’s the most important thing to me.

Sam Jurrens
Chief Investment Officer
FRG Financial

It’s seamless, I feel like it’s a good experience from especially the adviser side …. being able to integrate so many processes in one place, rather than having to go through multiple parties….especially trading, being able to balance a book of the business, and a simple click of a button versus…. having to export spreadsheets and things like that or go to another application. It’s just a very seamless experience for us.

Stacy Frank
A&I Financial Services

What I like most about working with Axos is the people. Really the technology is great. The people are even better. We love working with the leadership of the company and on a daily basis we interact with our … client service representatives who are really a part of our overall team.

…I always think of the net promoter score, I give a give Axos a 10, for sure. We’ve met multiple RIAs, who are with some of the competitors. And I always find it interesting that — I’m always very positive about Axos, and they’re always very negative about their competitors. And I chuckle, and I say well, you need to need to change…

And having a one on one, … a relationship manager and our client service individual who day to day, walked us through training, walked us through our interactions on the platform, answered our questions all day long. That was a phenomenal thing to me that showed me I didn’t have to hire a full set of staff that I had previously

It’s…incredible. … we’ve been there since 2011 with …. with the same relationship manager, it’s kind of our point of contact. He’s very accessible anytime we have a problem. Most times, …. the technology now has been built so well that, …. we don’t really need that much service. But when we do need it, we get it.

… we changed the whole way we manage money, once we found a platform that worked the way we think. … We believe that the right way to invest so diversify by strategy. And so, we put a strategy into a model. And then for a particular client, we’ll take a model of models and put those strategies together. And so, you might be a client of ours, have five different ways that your money is being managed in five different sleeves. And these five different sleeves can each be traded on their own for all the clients in all of their accounts. And it just fits hand in glove with what we think is efficient and timely. And ultimately, in the best interest of our clients.

…. the best part is just the efficiencies that we gain…. — from tax loss harvesting, to managing … models of funds for our clients, to being able to make changes as needed very quickly, if necessary.

One way that the platform benefits our clients is that we’re able to link multiple accounts together in a household that enables folks to see… not just…. one statement or one account, but really look at it from an aggregated way and see a holistic view of their accounts with one view.

… We couldn’t trade the volume or manage the volume of clients and models that we have unless Axos had the system that they have. We couldn’t do this anyplace else. …

It allows us to scale…we are a staff of three, managing a book of business that is…larger than … many we’ve spoken with, with substantially more staff. And it’s really, because Axos kind of takes that back-office side for us, and to a massive amount of scale. So, we can continue to focus on clients, managing the book of business, whether it be the investments or financial planning. And we don’t have to worry as much about the operations and back-office side.

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